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Lancer & Mage

character design


Lancer and Mage

digital illustration


In Eastern mythology, dragons are serpentine, capable of flight even though they have no wings. Unlike Western dragons, Eastern ones are thought to be calm and benevolent. More often than not, Eastern dragons are sought for advice rather than slain by heroes, since their Western counterparts were said to be far greedier and prone to extreme bouts of violence.


While the form of this dragon suggests that it is of Eastern descent, its color and attitude reveals Western roots as well. My goal was to render a dragon with both sensibilities so that the contradictions can be merged naturally without it being pegged as from any specific home region.


Comic Illustration
Comic Illustration

in the style of a Japanese comic


weather forecast icons
Weather Forecast Icons

icon design


freehand illustration - new-yorker-styled comic
Gishwhes Mascots

freehand illustration & digital sketching - both Gishwhes 2014 tasks


The above was meant to be drawn in the style of a New-Yorker comic, the kind often found in the newspapers.


Below is a depiction of a battle between the Elopus and the Wooster (the respective mascots for 2014 and 2013) with the Fograt (bonus earlier mascot) thrown in for good measure


These pieces were largely created for fun, and for a charitable cause.

digital sketch
Exploring Hong Kong
Exploring Hong Kong

photography - lesser known sides of Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


Stardust Saga
Stardust Saga

handcrafted accessories - brass, bronze, silver, gun metal and antiqued metal links, buttons and findings


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