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Bertha Chiu


Born in Hong Kong, and raised in cities across China, Canada and America, Bertha graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Design in April 2007. Between over 10 years of in-house, agency and freelance projects, she has produced artwork, animation & graphical user interface design for websites, mobile games and applications, as well as print and digital marketing for drama programmes, theatre productions, as well as layout and advertising for various newspapers and magazines.

Bertha has a passion for calligraphy, typography, use of color, and finding different ways to present an inspiring narrative.


“Bertha has been able to produce a wide range of strong designs for The Faust Festival. From images aimed at younger, family audiences such as Peter Rabbit to more mature content such as Todd (based on the story of Sweeny Todd), Bertha’s designs match up with the wide range of content and tone. My favourite of her designs will always be Romeo and Juliet as the logo managed to balance the traditional style of the text font and the more modern, punk aesthetic.”

– Keon Lee, General Manager, Faust International


Works in a versatile range of styles

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